Our vision & mission

Our vision is to become one of the preferred supply and service companies in oil and gas and construction industries of Turkmenistan.

Our mission is that every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of company services


NurMimar ES "Nur Mimar" was established in September 2012 and registered at the State Registration Chamber at Ministry of Economy and developemnt of Turkmenistan under the registration number 13952471.

ES "Nur Mimar" successfully carries out its activities in the field of construction and supply.

The company supplies materials, goods and equipment for oil companies operating in Turkmenistan.

The company is one of the leading service providers on the market.


ES «Nur Mimar»

  • Civil construction works including industrial and civil buildings up to 5 floors;
  • Construction of utility lines and systems including industrial utilities and assembly works of utility systems;
  • Dismantling, demolition and excavation works;
  • Site preparation works;
  • Insulation works;
  • Roofing works;
  • Other special construction works;
  • CAT I-II roads and bridge construction works;
  • Fabrication of steel structures and items;
  • Fabrication of aluminum and aluminum alloy structures;
  • Ready-mixed concrete production;
  • Construction of power transmission lines up to 35 kV at long distances, including city power lines;
  • Electric works on power lines and electrical equipment up to 35 kV;

Company ownership

In addition to 3 offices in Ashgabat, we have four production technical facilities:

Average total number of office personnel 50+

Site № 1 - Total area of 2.0 hectares. Location – Hazar (Close proximity to Dragon Oil)

Facilities include: concrete mixing unit with capacity 60 ton per hour, residential and office premises and canteen. Warehouse/Workshop 2000m2.

Site № 2 – Total Area 1.0 hectare. Location – Burun (Close proximity to Eni Turkmenistan).

Facility is under construction.

Site №3 - Total area 2.0 hectares. Location: Kiyanly (Close proximity to Petronas).

Warehouse/Workshop 2100m2. Covered storage area 2100m2.

Site № 4 – Total area of 1.14 hectares. Location: Darvaza. Warehouse 2000m2.

Serves mainly as a storage facility for heavy equipment and machinery.

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